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Author: Lisa Conant / Last updated September 14, 2021

Silicone windshield wipers have higher performance than standard rubber wipers. The out-of-the-box silica gel performs better than rubber, and over time, the wiper will leave a waterproof and hydrophobic layer on the windshield. However, this secondary feature is just a bonus. The main advantage of silicone wiper blades is their durability in years rather than months; their service life is four times that of traditional rubber blades.

What is the problem? Excellent performance and durability are accompanied by matching prices. This puts silicone windshield wipers into a category. If the thought of spending a pair of wipers on a single silicon wiper makes you wonder whether it is worth the investment, then you are not alone. We also wanted to find out, so we collected a series of silicone wiper blades and tested them.

Innovative universal wiper arm connectors and excellent overall performance make Endurance XT a versatile and high-quality choice for various vehicles. 

The traditional frame type wiper provides excellent performance in a traditional style. The patented rubber, graphite and PTFE wiper blade formula can be used for many years.

With decades of experience in manufacturing silicone polymer hydrophobic windshield coatings, it provides a complete set of smooth performance.

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We researched, purchased and tested our silicone wiper blades under simulated and real conditions. We rate each pair of wipers based on ease of installation, assembly, most important wiper arm connectors, value, and overall performance. We don't have three or four years to collect long-term test data, so we only choose mature manufacturers that support their products. All test wipers used silicone blade elements. Do not consider mixing.

The higher cost of silicone wiper blades makes it a premium category, and may or may not be the best choice for you or your ride. On the bright side, the higher upfront costs can be offset by superior durability. In short, replacing silicone windshield wiper blades may be more durable than the vehicle to which they are connected. On the contrary, a pair of silicone wiper blades accounted for about 15-17% of the initial purchase price of our Toyota Starlet test car. 

Silicone wipers are expensive, but they are four to one more durable than traditional rubber blades.

Silblade was founded by a group of former General Electric engineers and designers who spent two years developing a patented silicone composite wiper blade. More than 25 years later, Silbade has provided a variety of windshield wipers using original patented silicone rubber, graphite and PTFE formulations. Go to Silblade to learn about the complete product range and use their wiper blade size finder to find the right size for your vehicle. 

Rain-X is a multinational company that specializes in providing windshield treatment and car care products to consumers and professionals. Rain-X Silicone Endura is our first choice for the best beam silicone windshield wipers. The company produces a wide range of wipers, from premium options to affordable Rain-X Weatherbeater, whose performance has been proven.

Michelin was founded in 1889 by Edward and Andre Michelin. It is a tire manufacturing company that has become a global leader in the automotive and transportation industries. The Michelin man-aka Bibendum-has lost a few pounds over the years, but firmly supports every product, from our best overall Endurance XT silicone windshield wipers to the economical RainForce.

PIAA set out to manufacture first-class automotive lighting in 1963. More than 50 years later, the company produces a full range of automotive and power sports lighting, silicone windshield wipers, high-performance bulbs, horns and silicone windshield coatings. PIAA USA is headquartered in Oregon, and the global PIAA headquarter is in Tokyo, Japan.

Our test wipers belong to the traditional or beam category. When choosing which type of silicone wiper is the best, please consider the type of wiper included with the vehicle. Cross-beam wipers have advantages over traditional frame styles, but your vehicle is usually the most suitable for its original wiper style. Our older test vehicle performed best when used with frame wipers. Most wiper connector adapters place the arm too high and may cause unnecessary deflection. 

When choosing after-sales replacement parts, the connection between the wiper arm and the windshield wiper blade is the most important consideration. The best wiper in the world, if not suitable, is also the worst. Universal connectors may be a universal compromise, and sometimes they are not suitable for everyone. All of our test wipers are 16 inches, so be sure to check the manufacturer's catalog and choose the product that suits your year, brand, and model. 

Outstanding performance, true durability statements, and ready-to-use availability make the Michelin Endurance XT our overall best silicone wiper choice. Advanced silicone composite blades can withstand high temperatures of 195 degrees and remain flexible at temperatures as low as minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The well-designed connector makes installation a breeze. 

Michelin recommends a clean windshield like any other manufacturer, but the run-in procedure is a bit unusual. Instructions: Run the new wiper on the dry windshield for at least five minutes to break the Endurance XT QuadTech 4-layer coated silicone blade. We are not sure about the science involved in this procedure, but we do know that it works. 

The duckbill-shaped aerodynamic leading edge is particularly effective for waterproofing in static and road tests. Our spray test bench was so attractive to the Peking duck next door that they came over to get some of their own water. Their beaks may flow better than wipers, but the Michelin duckbill design defeats low-speed stalkers in terms of high-speed noise reduction. If you want a flock of ducks, please check your local laws first.

The ducks grabbed the hand of the water divider, uh, with the beak down, but the Michelin Endurance XT duckbill design defeated the hobbler in terms of high-speed aerodynamic windshield wiper noise reduction.

SilBlade Premium is the company's traditional frame product. The traditional steel chassis is powder-coated, and the appearance is durable. The six-point structure can maintain uniform blade pressure on the windshield. SilBlade’s patented silicone rubber formula adds graphite and polytetrafluoroethylene to improve performance and is the same material that makes fried eggs slide out of the pan. 

Hanging the Silblade on the wiper arm is smooth, and the pre-installed connector fits firmly with the bayonet arm, making a clicking sound. No special running-in is required, and Silblade can provide excellent performance within a few minutes after installation. The connector keeps the wiper in the entire scanning area without deflection. The classic style on the windshield looks just right, while the smooth finish looks darker in the distance. 

Silblade Premium and its framed PIAA competitors made a slight squeak at the bottom right of the passenger side wiper arm sweep. We made some adjustments to Starlet's wiper arm and pulled it out. The same noise of the two sets of windshield wipers at the same point means that the wipers are not a problem. If your new wiper trembles and squeaks worse than the old wiper, suspect the wiper arm or greasy windshield.

PIAA Super Silicone wiper blades are tied with our best frame selection, but the inexplicable lack of bayonet wiper arm connectors puts the proven performer in second place. To be fair, the bayonet wiper arms of our old Japanese vehicle test fleet are not common today. We explored the barrel connectors of windshield wipers in the past and found a pair of working adapters.  

Each wiper comes with its own windshield pretreatment package. First, clean the windshield and apply pretreatment to add water drop protection on the entire surface, and set the glass as a silicone wiper blade. The simple and effective frame design is perfectly matched with the factory's satin black trim. The small PIAA logo on each frame is a high-quality finishing touch. 

PIAA Super Silicone wiper blades performed well on our test bench and on the road. The windshield treatment helps the wipers do their work, and the super silicone blades keep quiet during the dry transition. PIAA is the only company in our test that provides replacement wiper blades. Over time, refills can offset the initial high cost at about half the price of a complete wiper assembly.

Rain-X Silicone Endura almost matches our best overall choice, but the Michelin XT Endurance connector design beats Rain-X's competitors on the bayonet wiper arm. The beam windshield wiper is an excellent choice in the silicone wiper category, which silently drains water while leaving the time-proven Rain-X windshield treatment coating.

The formulation of the synthetic silicone blade material is suitable from minus 20 degrees of tooth vibration to 194 degrees of rubber deformation. Rain-X claims that Endura can last two to one longer than its traditional beam wipers. The proprietary graphite treatment helps the wiper blades slide on the windshield, and Rain-X Endura remains silent during the critical transition from wet to dry. The flexible front edge prevents icing.

The only mistake we made with Rain-X Silicone Endura was the Uniclick connector. The design is far superior to most, but like many other beam wipers, the installation position is such that the wiper arm is too high from the windshield. The resulting deflection is small, but over time, in a metal and plastic attrition war that neither side will win will only worsen over time.

If you are the kind of person who likes multiple choices, we have already provided you with protection. There are many highly appraised and praised silicone wiper blades on the market. Although we cannot personally guarantee the following choices, we hope you can make a wise choice from the best-selling silicone wiper blade arrays currently on the market.

This is a simple and low-key silicone wiper blade with a modern frameless design that can form multiple pressure points on the entire length of the wiper blade to eliminate wiping streaks. As a bonus, this type of design helps to reduce the accumulation of ice and snow along the blades.

Patented silicone rubber impregnated rubber blades provide reliable all-season performance. The blade is also resistant to ultraviolet rays and heat, which helps to extend its service life. It is designed for 98% of vehicles, but you still need to check carefully before buying.

Unlike PIAA Super Silicone Wiper Blade, this model does not pre-treat the windshield, but the silicone rubber that constitutes the wiper continuously reapplies an active coating on the windshield to help the formation of water droplets and achieve streak-free wiping . Coupled with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for one year from the date of purchase, what will you lose if you try these well-designed wipers?

METO T6 silicone windshield wiper is a strong competitor from lesser-known competitors. It becomes a durable silicone wiper at an ultra-affordable price. It also provides a one-year warranty, so we believe that the benefits of this option outweigh the risks. 

Compared with other models, these blades are compatible with fewer models, but are still compatible with 96% of models. A common complaint is that one of the adapters is already installed on the blade, so if that is not the adapter for your car, removing it and installing the correct adapter can be difficult and frustrating.

These blades have a streamlined design designed to help eliminate wind noise and streaks and minimize snow and ice on the windshield. Many users report that these blades do start to streak at some point, and they tend to creak a bit when used when there is very little rain on the windshield.

Another affordable option is AVA silicone windshield wipers. The 100% silicone blade strip has a long service life and impressive performance. They borrowed frameless designs from other manufacturers to minimize snow and ice accumulation and optimize visibility in extreme weather conditions. 

The double tension spring structure inside the blade ensures a consistent down force, keeping your blade in 100% contact with the windshield. One thing to note is that the brand does not seem to have a warranty period, like many other high-end silicone blades.

This type of wiper is also only compatible with the J-type hook wiper arm, and does not come with any adapters suitable for other types of designs. Therefore, although the number of vehicles suitable for this wiper is still large, it is the most restricted in the following aspects. Our silicone wiper A list of slice options.

PIAA Aero Vogue Premium silicone wiper blades actively apply a waterproof barrier on the windshield of the car every time it slides. It provides a quiet, streak-free, original wiping action that lasts twice as long as standard windshield wipers. 

Compared with other products, this wiper blade is unique in that it uses a unique aerodynamic design, patented pass-through technology, and combines two vents. One vent forces the air to flow upward over the top of the wiper, while the other vent pushes the air under the blade from the rear of the wiper to ensure close contact with the windshield.

For greater incentives, Aero Vogue wipers use the same blade refill as Super Silicone wipers, so it is easy to update them. And, of course, you will get a 100% satisfaction guarantee from PIAA for its other products.

Another view of the windshield sprayer in motion in a static test lane.

Durability is the main advantage of silicone windshield wipers, but it is a good habit to check windshield wiper blades, arms, and washer fluid systems in spring and autumn. Replace any wiper blades or refills that are cracked, worn, deformed, or simply worn out as needed. Don't forget to add winter windshield washer fluid before the severe cold and road salt season. 

It depends on what you are looking for in windshield wipers. Silicone wiper blades provide excellent performance, but the real advantage is durability in a wide temperature range. If the better wiper blade is the one you only need to replace every few years, then yes, the silicone wiper blade is better than the natural rubber equivalent. 

If your ride has a 16-inch bayonet wiper, then the answer is likely to be yes. If not, then not. There are two key factors in ordering a windshield wiper for your ride: blade length and wiper arm connector type. Measure the length of each wiper blade and pay attention to the connector type. Please confirm with the manufacturer whether it is installed correctly before ordering. 

careful. Silicone can withstand deep freezing better than rubber, but be careful not to bend the frame, damage the connector, or deform the wiper arm. A gentle twisting motion similar to emptying an ice tray is usually effective. Lift the windshield wiper arm from the windshield before the big storm comes to avoid freezing of the windshield. 

It is about the same way as cleaning a silicone kitchen spatula. The idea is to remove oil that can cause streaks and noise. Hand sanitizer and water are safe bets for removing grease, and household isopropyl alcohol on a cotton ball is another winner. Depending on the manufacturer, silicone wiper blades may require special care, so please read carefully any cleaning restrictions. When cleaning the windshield. 

In this case, yes, especially if your spare windshield wiper is refilled. PIAA offers a wide range of high-quality silicone wiper blade replacements, so you don't need to pay a high admission fee to experience the advantages of silicone wipers. See PIAA's selection of silicone wiper refills, or go to PIAA to learn about the complete wiper blade refills.

Our best overall Michelin Endurance XT and competitor Rain-X Endura are both excellent choices for modern vehicle beam silicone wipers. If your riding gear comes with frame wipers and long-term durability is the primary consideration, consider Silblade Premium or PIAA Super Silicone.

Upgrading to silicone windshield wipers can be a substantial investment, so weigh the cost based on your location, driving style, and how long you want to keep your current driving. For some people, silicone wiper blades are not worth the investment; for others, they will be a crucial upgrade.

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