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2021-12-10 10:44:02 By : Ms. Rita You

Darren Boyle writes for MailOnline

Published: November 16, 2021 11:13 EDT | Updated: November 16, 2021 12:11 EDT

This is the moment when a woman must figure out how to remove a big bat from the windshield of her car so that she can drive home. 

Rebecca Reph, 31, from Grants Pass, Oregon, had just finished her work when she spotted the pale bat with its paws wrapped around the windshield and apparently asleep. 

Ms. Reph said: "At first it looked like someone had put a scarf on my windshield, and then I quickly realized what it was."

Rebecca Reph, 31, from Grants Pass, Oregon, just finished work and found the bat lying in her car

The bat tried to grab the windshield because Ms. Reph tried to move it into the cardboard box

Ms. Leif filmed the encounter and told how she tried to overcome her fear and remove the bat without harming the bat.  

She said:'Oh my god, what are you doing in my car. Do you see him breathing? OMG.

'I must get him down. So I have gloves and a box. We will see how it goes.

'My heart is almost jumping out of my chest. I don't know what he is going to do.

"I will try to put him in this box."

When she placed the box next to the windshield wiper, the bat began to move, causing her to jump backward.

Then she tried to open the lid of the box between the bat and the windshield wiper, prompting the bat to hiss at her.

It was difficult for her to move the bat into the box, because one of its wings seemed to be wrapped around the wiper, and its claw-like feet were also stuck to the blade. 

Then she began to plead with the hissing creature, saying:'Man, you must get out of my car, I don't want to hurt you. 

'I am afraid to touch you. I just want to help.

Eventually, the bat began to stick to the lid of the box and was taken to a safe area in the corner of the yard.

At the end of the video, Ms. Reph returned to the box and found that the bat was gone. 

Ms. Reph moved the box to a safe place, and when she came back it had already flown away

Several viewers on social media thought the bat was sick.  

Gregory Richards said: "I would be very worried about bats going out during the day. The picture shows an unhealthy bat. 

'Beware of rabies. Bats are usually nocturnal and sleep during the day.

Gary Klusczinski said: "Unless you are sick, you won't find such a bat."

Han Katie added: "Just a reminder that bats can bite people and are susceptible to rabies!

"That said, I tried to rescue a man who broke into my house. The worst mistake in history, bit me and had to be vaccinated against rabies."

She was supported by Cindian: "It's not sleeping, but injured or sick." 

"Being found on the windshield like that makes me think he flew in and was injured."

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