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2021-12-10 10:38:33 By : Ms. Jessie Fang

Due to the changing weather in the UK, drivers need a reliable windshield wiper to keep up. Usually, you will not suddenly realize that your eyesight is seriously damaged until there is an adverse condition or the sun sets in the sky, so it is very important for safety to install high-quality wipers on a regular basis.

A well-designed and designed suit can very effectively remove dirt, water and even light frost on the windshield. Those at the other end of the spectrum may look almost the same, but the stains they may leave are certainly not. This improvement is more noticeable at night, because any water or debris on the screen will increase glare and reduce visibility. High-quality, properly installed wipers should also reduce noise, so if your car’s wipers start to become noisy, this is a good sign that a wiper needs to be replaced.

All brands and models have a variety of prices and accessories to choose from, so even drivers of older cars can usually upgrade to the latest flat wiper technology. Once you have selected a new wiper, our guide to the correct installation of windshield wipers will help you make the most of your purchase. 

In addition to intensively testing the cleaning ability of the wiper blades, we also measured the noise generated by opening the wiper blades in a dry state. We also studied their installation difficulty and online store prices.

Bosch Aerotwin is a true darling, combining excellent wiping action with easy-to-install features.

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Bosch Aerotwin continues to impress people in various fields. First of all, it is one of the easiest replacement blades to install, and it can be clamped in seconds with just an adapter. Others spent a few minutes fiddling with different adapters to find a suitable car. It is very quiet in our noise test, and its performance in dispersing water is unmatched. Even in the face of floods, it will not leave any stains.

Using a single adapter, the Aerowiper blade can be inserted into place very quickly. And using dual rubber compounds, they also provide good contact with the glass, effectively removing large amounts of water and leaving no stains. It turns out that they are quite quiet in wet and dry conditions, which makes them a great choice for anyone looking to save money compared to top brands.

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For wipers, this may seem a dramatic name, but the Michelin Stealth Hybrid is much quieter than any competitor, which supports its bold claims. It is a hybrid because it combines the aerodynamic characteristics of a flat blade with the flexibility of a traditional frame. This is the heaviest set of blades we have tested, but this weight seems to help it wipe well, clear the screen and leave no annoying smudges. However, it is a bit tricky to install, including six adapters.

Easy to find in your local Halfords, these blades are different from many other wipers on the market because they are made of silicone instead of traditional vulcanized rubber. The advantage here is that a waterproof coating can be applied to the windshield every time it is wiped. However, we did not notice much difference during the test, and the durability of silicone did cause some problems over time. Coupled with the high price, it may be difficult to swallow.

In terms of pure price/performance ratio, there is nothing better than Wipac Storm X wipers. For your convenience, it is equipped with replacement wiper blades. Although they do feel a bit brittle and malleable, and occasionally leave continuous marks, they are perfect for quick repairs or on a limited budget.

Lucas itself is very simple to install, with only one adapter, which can be easily inserted in place. Facts have proved that the blade is noisier than the competition, and there are many shortcomings in the quality of the structure. In addition, since there is no "double lock" device to fix the wipers, this means that the performance is below average, with a lot of stains and parts that are not wiped.

We use one of the most popular options on Amazon to complete our list. However, it is clear that in this case, popularity does not equate to quality. Although their asking price is relatively high, there is no premium for their buildings. Sold as a direct replacement for the original manufacturer's blades, these wipers do look like parts and provide good wiping performance, but inappropriate parts mean that they will produce an irritating dull sound during use. 

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