Why is my windshield wiper so noisy?

2021-12-10 10:40:04 By : Mr. Sam X

Driving in the rain can be frustrating. Driving in the rain, coupled with the rattling serenade from the windshield wipers? Even the most patient driver can only endure so long. Fortunately, there are some simple fixes that can solve the most common causes of noisy wiper blades. John Paul, AAA's "auto doctor", has some skills in diagnosing problems and finding solutions.

When driving in light or moderate rain, the wiper will "vibrate" on the windshield. This can cause the glass to remove water unevenly, or streaks can appear, obstructing the driver's field of vision.

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Even with new wiper blades, wiper blade chattering is common in many cars. The first thing to do is to look at the windshield wiper blade itself. Are they old, torn, stiff, or dirty? If the wiper blades are more than a year old, replace them-the money is worth the money.

For older cars, the spring in the wiper arm may have worn out and is not putting enough pressure on the windshield. If the blades are in good condition, try cleaning them. Paper towels and alcohol are a quick and easy way to remove road dirt that has accumulated on the blade.

In addition, cleaning the windshield, the wax accumulated from the car wash, and the oil and other road contaminants that have collected on the windshield can make even the best wiper blades vibrate. Finally, if all this still does not work, you need to see how the wiper blade is resting on the windshield. If the angle of the wiper blade is not perpendicular to the windshield, the wiper will vibrate, and you only need to adjust it simply.

John Paul is a car doctor of AAA Northeast. He has more than 40 years of experience in the automotive industry and is an ASE certified tech master. Follow him on Twitter @johnfpaul or facebook.com/Mrjohnfpaul.